maura saddi

maura saddi

1959 in carbonia in italien geboren
seit 1993 eigener geometrischer stil

lebt und arbeitet in cortoghiana in sardinien

it’s necessary to have serious reasons when a painter decides to paint in only black and white, excluding all the other colours. of these reasons there is one which maura saddi doesn’t ignore: that is from the start of 20th century that led malevitch to propose his famous black square on a white background, with which inaugurated in the history of art, the practise of this chromatic asceticism.

it dealed with the self preservation from the enchantment of a colour saturated world, where illusion reigns and where the spirit risks to get lost. the colour, we all know, possess an energetic value; it awakes the ghosts of the flesh, it feeds the deliriums of decoration and too often calls back on anecdotes.

under his power, the pictorial space is prisoner of earthly things: beaten by their density, it only authorizes a simulacrum of infinity. for a spirit that aspires to a perfect autonomy and to the truth, the colour become a threat. it is necessary to opt for black and white. so, that which is a well established tradition qualifies as “no colour” will have the mission of bringing us to meet with the absolute. which is none other than the sense that malevitch intended to give to his works.


aus: rigour and transgression of the grid in maura saddi’s works

fernand fournier
march 2005 paris

maura saddi, convergenze/divergenze, 2005 , acryl auf leinwand, 20 x 20 x 4

maura saddi, N° 325, 2004, öl auf leinwand, 100 x 100 cm

maura saddi, N° 339, 2004, öl auf leinwand, 100 x 100 cm

maura saddi, N° 329, 2004, öl auf leinwand, 100 x 100 cm